Playing the Game of SimCity for New Players with Simoleons

SimCity Buildit Guide

As a new mayor, running a town is an extremely tough job. You need to keep the place functioning properly, get work down and keep the residents happy by providing them various facilities in their neighborhood. All this planning, building and running of the town requires money. The name of the currency in SimCity is called as Simoleons.


The first step is to build residences. You will also have to keep upgrading these residential areas. Simultaneously you will receive a good tidy sum of Simoleons. Try to build structures at a low cost and climb up the level. To generate more money you can build the City Hall once you reach the 5th level. If you have the City Hall, you can collect tax from your citizens in the SimCity. These Sim citizens are willing to pay tax if they have a many facilities in their residential areas. Facilities like parks, schools, water facility are just some of them along with many services by which you can collect taxes. As you start functioning, keep a sharp watch out for deals. There are lots of inbuilt simcity buildit cheats like when you see coin symbol above the parks and other buildings, be sure to tap the symbol. This will enable you to give away some of your material and receive Simoleons. You should always be prepared to take up deals and make more Simoleons as these deals will not last long. If your town population touches 8,000, you can sell items there too, by setting the price and getting deals done. Keep upgrading your city so that you can get more taxes. Citizens will be willing to pay more when their needs are met and there are many active things going on in the neighborhood. The best things that citizens prefer are parks. You can then upgrade the education availability and later you can concentrate on transportation. Try to have good neighborhoods so that the people are happy there instead of building one huge city with nothing creative in it.

SimCity BuildIt Tricks


Educational facilities like schools, colleges and universities help children to grow up with good morals and parents like them. Build educational buildings in the neighborhood. Water facility can be provided with water pumps and filtration pumps. Unless the water facility is good, residents cannot live in such places. These water resources should be good and pollution free. Other places which are over polluted are trash dumps, industrial areas such as factories and mines. Simoleons are required to run the city. As mayor you need to generate currency to keep the city running. The main source of income for the city is through taxes which can generate Simoleons. It is only with Simoleons, that the mayor manages the town and helps to develop it. People are willing to pay tax only when they are happy. So the player has to cater to the needs of the people. This cash can also be generated through SimCity Buildit Tricks. As money is of paramount importance in keeping the game running, the best way to acquire it should be given top priority.

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